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Motor Control Center (MCC)

Our motor control center solutions are often the preferred choice, when the power effect need exceeds 1000 A, and several motors and engines should be controlled. A MCC solution is applicable in various industries which often have widely different needs.

MCC switchboard characteristics and features
Our Motor Control Centers (MCC) provide you with the greatest possible extent of freedom and profitability with a simple partitioning with various characteristics, features and advantages:

  • Construction with individual motor starter sections up to FORM 4.
  • Construction in fully draw out (Multi Drawer), Plug-in or fixed version.
  • Custom sizing availability and construction regarding height, width and depth.
  • Easy to extend design. Possibility of access from the front and rear side.
  • Connection from the top, the bottom or the side of the panel.
  • Type-tested busbar systems up to 6300 A.