Golden Anvil is a leading supplier of electrical products, serving the entire Northeast region of the United States.


Dry Type Transformer

Our Range of cast resin dry type transformers ranges from 50 kVA to 25 MVA and with maximum voltage rating of 52 kV.

We offer both aluminum and copper-wound solutions each available with class F or class H insulation systems.
  • VPI Technology: Vacuum Pressure Impregnation (VPI) technology is used for transformers and inductors with insulation levels of up to 36 kV.

    This technology involves a system of non-cast insulation that provides an excellent level of environmental protection. The high class of thermal insulation allows us to provide compact, reliable products ranging from very low power up to 25 MVA. VPI transformers can also be supplied with AL or CU windings.

  • Cast Resin: Cast resin technology optimizes the performance of transformers by protecting them from environmental conditions and/or insulating the medium voltage windings. In combination with the winding technology, the resin guarantees the best dielectric performance, short-circuit resistance, and long-term reliability for special transformers and distribution transformers.